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EE Schenck Celebrating 100 Years

EE Schenck Celebrating 100 Years

– As Seen in FabShop News December 2021, Issue 145 – It has been 100 years since EE Schenck began doing business as an importer of silks from China. Today the Portland, Oregon, company is one of the largest fabric wholesalers in the United States. That growth is largely attributable to the dedicated stewardship of

Committed to Organic Fabrics

– As Seen in FabShop News August 2021, Issue 143 – Meet Jennifer Moore, owner of Monaluna, a small, independent, organic fabric company based in the Bay Area of California, in Walnut Creek. Moore and her husband, David Miguelucci, established Monaluna in 2010 with the hopes of bringing more sustainable fabric alternatives to our industry’s

5 Major 2021 Google Changes

1. Google’s Naked Domain Change Google’s Search URL address algorithms changed recently. To help users search for the most relevant information in the quickest way possible, Google created the “naked domain.” This is a domain address without the “www” prefix. An example is (naked) instead of Naked domains seem innocent at first. But

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