FabShop News 20/20 Special Edition – Digital

FabShop News: 20/20 Special Edition – Digital

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  • The Dance of Expectation
  • “No Thanks, I’m Just Looking”
  • Create the Foundation for Successful Teamwork
  • Commit to Common Objectives
  • Inside Job: Preventing Employee Theft
  • Shelf Life
  • Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign
  • Use Your Database to Create a Targeted Promotion
  • Bringing In an Outside Educator for an Event
  • 10 Commandments for Shop Teachers
  • Does Your Classroom Earn an “A”?
  • Host a Sew-a-Sample Night
  • The ‘Go With’ Store
  • Buy Like You Mean Business
  • How Green Is That Grass?
  • Using POS Inventory & Sales Data to Help With Planning
  • 3 Steps to Financial Analysis
  • Why Is Inventory Turn Important?
  • Increasing Profitability With the Whale Curve
  • Cut Your Overhead Costs by Watching the Fine Print
  • The Next Big Thing

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