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Advertise in FabShop News!

FabShop News is the premier trade publication for quilt and fabric retailers. Now in its twenty-first year of publication, it offers print and digital targeted advertising opportunities that reach over 2,500 independent quilt and fabric retailers. Reach your prime customers including many new retailers with our full-color ad program all year long.

The Market issues are the most highly circulated to subscribers and non-subscribers for great exposure when the urge to buy is at its peak.

Download the Media Kit and Reservation Form for all the details.

 2022-2023 Schedule

Issue Publish / Mail Dates Reservation Deadline Ad Materials Due
149 August 2022 Jun. 10, 2022 Jun. 20, 2022
150 *October 2022 Aug. 8, 2022 Aug. 19, 2022
151 December 2022 Oct. 10, 2022 Oct. 21, 2022
152 February 2023 Dec. 12, 2022 Dec. 27, 2022
153 *April 2023 Feb. 10, 2023 Feb. 20, 2023
154 June 2023 Apr. 10, 2023 Apr. 20, 2023
155 August 2023 Jun. 9, 2023 Jun. 19, 2023
156 *October 2023 Aug. 11, 2023 Aug. 21, 2023
157 December 2023 Oct. 9, 2023 Oct. 20, 2023

** Bonus distribution Quilt Market issues

Please contact FabShop at or call 360.666.2392 for more information.

Advertise in WebCents Magazine!

Why advertise with…

  • Reach a highly targeted market
  • Make a real impact on your prospective customers
  • The best value for your marketing dollar, roviding optimal effectiveness
  • Ads are rapidly put into circulation giving you a competitive advantage

Download the Media Kit and Reservation Form for all the details.

For more information regarding advertising opportunities in WebCents, please contact FabShop at or call 360.666.2392.

WebCents AdvertisingDownload WebCents Reservation Form

2022 – Download
Entire Media Kit PDF (large 16mb file)


FabShop Forum / ChatDaily Sponsor Messages on FabShop Online Forum

Reach shopowners everyday of the week with a Daily Sponsor Message. Write your own ad of unlimited length with links in plain text (no graphics) to post for the day on both FabShop Forum and FabShop Chat where shopowners share information and resources.

Only one daily sponsor message is available per day. Sign up for a day or days at a time and reach a very targeted market. Weeks run Sunday-Saturday. Payable in advance by credit card.

For more information, please contact FabShop at or call 360.666.2392.

Grandprize Sponsor on FabShop Hop

FabShop HopThis online promotion has proven to be a profitable way for FabShop members who maintain a website to reach quilting and sewing enthusiasts with their products and services. We’re planning for twelve hops in 2022 plus new promotional tie-ins. Your participation as a Grand Prize Sponsor for one or more of these month-long events will put your product in front of hundreds of thousands of motivated shoppers throughout the year.

Annual Stats:
28 Million Page Views
500,000 Unique Visitors

Consider a donation of sergers, sewing machines, quilting machines, cabinets, or pressing equipment. Your donation will be awarded to a consumer who qualifies for the grand prize drawing by visiting the websites of the participating online merchants.

For more information, please contact FabShop at or call 360.666.2392.

Banner Ads and Sponsorships

As a industry supplier, you can purchase a banner ad on the following FabShop sites to drive additional exposure and support for your products.

Banner Ads:

Banner Ads:

Sponsorship Opportunities: View Here

  • FabShop’s Quilt Market Kickoff Dinner
  • Fabric Shoppers Unite
  • FabShop Events

For more information, please contact FabShop at or call 360.666.2392.


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