Scam Alert!

Keep an eye out for a recent scam targeting quilt shops! It was brought to our attention that several FabShop members reported being approached with this scam technique.

Here’s a description of the scam works:
A shop receives an email from someone claiming to have two teens (possibly twins) who want to learn how to sew. She asks you to develop an 8-week private sewing program. She tells you a driver will drop them off and will pick them up from classes. Additionally she wants to buy two sewing machines, one for each girl, and asks for a quote including all supplies the girls will need. If you insist on talking over the phone the scammer may claim to be deaf and needs to communicate via email.If you agree and provide a price quote, they will add an additional amount of money to the quote you gave them and ask that you pay the driver the extra amount. Weeks later the credit card charge is contested, as it was a stolen credit card. You are out the cash you gave to the driver (and potentially the sewing machines).

Please keep an eye out for scams like this one. Scammers are getting increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to get money or personal details from you. Be alert. If something seems off, trust your gut. Look into the information further.

Thank you Ivete, Gotham Quilts for sharing this information.

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